In a city with such admirable and distinguished musical artifacts, Chicago’s Internal Empires add another chapter of riffs and hooks made for both guitar geeks and average metalheads alike. Their music combines odd time signatures, energetic guitar riffs, and dissonant chords with occasional beauty and an ever-present groove.

Their ambitious first full-length album, Corruption of Reason, is a 12 track album that also features guest vocals by Tub Ring’s Kevin Gibson (The End Records) and Mose Giganticus’ Matt Garfield (Relapse Records), and was produced by Charles Macak (Starkill, Just Like Vinyl, Oceano) at Electrowerks Music Production. Three tracks from the album are also featured in the Unstable Ground documentary, “Skull World.”

The band’s follow-up EP, The Jamestown Butcher, is a six-song concept telling the story of early Jamestown settlers resorting to cannibalism to survive a particularly harsh winter in 1609.

Both albums are now available via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and most major online retailers. A limited 12″ LP of Corruption of Reason is available in the band’s online store.

Internal Empires is Aaron Boynton, Patrik Windsor, Steve Smith, Jeff Loehrke, and Blake Croson.